Maintenance Matters

It’s not all about fast solutions to immediate problems. Most of our work is focused on regular maintenance and reactive problem solving to non urgent situations. Our maintenance programmes are individually tailored to your requirements. They can be a simple or complex – no two are the same.

The engineers have considerable experience of all types of electrical installation and equipment  – if it uses electricity and it needs inspecting , maintenance or repair we like to think we can handle it.

Some of our typical maintenance services include;


  • Planned and reactive response service – individually tailored to your requirements
  • All electrical repairs on almost anything!
  • Annual and other periodic testing and certification
  • Fire alarm testing and repairs
  • Intruder alarm and security maintenance
  • Al types of internal and external  lighting installation and maintenance

Inspection and Certification Services

Safety is something that Spear takes very seriously. Our inspection and certification services are no longer an option for any business.

Customers require safety reports for a variety of reasons:

  • Insurance company requirements for both landlord and owner occupiers,
  • Sellers and vendors involved in property transactions
  • Landlords to ensure safety of tenants
  • Review of recently installed or purchased equipment
  • Following a major event, deep clean, or refurbishment

There is also a periodic inspection. This  is the inspection of the condition of an existing electrical installation, to identify in order of priority, any deficiencies against the national safety standard for electrical installations.

A periodic inspection will:

  • Identify any electrical circuits or equipment that is overloaded
  • Highlight any potential electrical shock risks and fire hazards in the installation
  • Reveal any defective DIY electrical work
  • Check for any lack of earthing or bonding

A prescribed list of tests is carried out on the wiring and associated fixed electrical equipment and accessories to check full safety and a schedule of circuits is developed during the inspection.

Innovative Solutions Designed by Experts

This is where Spear can add tangible value to many businesses.

By combining a vast knowledge of industry best practices, and experience and technical expertise based on years of experience – customers can be confident that a Spear solution is solution that will not only be the best available now, but also be built with the future in mind.

Spear considers all aspects of a situation including:-

  • How efficient is the current use of energy
  • How best to use the very latest products – especially for lighting and heating
  • The use of control systems
  • Training and review of current processes and practices
  • Power factor correction and voltage optimisation
  • The impact of renewable energy now and over the next 20 years

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