This is where it all starts for the senior team at Spear.

We have two core “philosophies” that we rally round. First we never forget what it feels like to me a customer, and we endeavour to treat every customer new or long-standing with basic common courtesy and treat everyone the way we would like to be treated.

And the second foundation stone is that we always try to show customers that the way they manage their energy use can make a significant difference to their costs and in the case of many businesses can have a major impact on cash flow and profitability.

And then we get down to the fun bit which is creating innovative solutions to every type of  situation that our customers want help with.

It might be a simple bit of advice over the phone, or to deal with an emergency over the weekend, we are here to help, and to give all our customers the very highest level of service.

We believe that our approach works and that is how we have grown our business and diversified into complementary sectors.  Much of our work is sub-contracted and we have maintained excellent relationships with our main-contractor customers – we have supported them when they have been tested and we have helped them grow their own businesses.

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